An Establishment's Guide to Handling Pest Problems

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An Establishment's Guide to Handling Pest Problems

For many property owners in the United Kingdom, no problem could possibly be more significant or bear far more urgency than a pest infestation.

Aside from natural disasters, break-ins, and vandalism, pest infestations are high up the ranks that many schools, hotels, restaurants, shops, or factories worry about daily. Beyond being just annoying, these pesky problems can lead to bigger issues, such as compromised inventories, customer complaints, establishment closures, and potential bankruptcy!

Although most business owners are familiar with just how destructive the problem is, there’s one unsettling truth that remains: Most businesses don’t know what to do when dealing with a pest infestation. 

Steps that you can take to handle the problem

Admittedly, many are more likely to run out their store, office, or facility when they spot signs of an infestation because of how frightening the sight of rats, bed bugs, or wasps nests can be. This common reaction alone explains why most people don’t know what to do in the first place. 

Regardless of how big or small your operations are, it’s vital to stay on top of any pest issue because the time when you call for a wasp nest or rat removal service can make a difference in the future of your business. Here is a quick guide on what you should when you see the first signs of various pest infestations: 

1. Rats and mice

Among all the different infestations that are recorded and treated every year, none are as scary, costly, widespread, and troublesome as rats and mice. With billions in damages attributed to these rodents alone, it’s clear that even the most minute signs of their presence on your property should be acted on immediately.

What you should do: Once you spot the first signs of rats or mice on your property, it’s vital that you don’t panic and inspect your property to find out exactly where they come from. After you inspect the whole property and figure out their origin, it’s recommended that you close off the entrances they go through and call a professional rat and mice removal to take over.

2. Bed bugs

Most prevalent in hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, bed bugs infestations have been shown to cost establishments all across the UK a heft amount every year in terms of actual property damage and tarnished reputations. Despite their size, these tiny terrors bear a painful bite and immense itch that can’t simply be scratched. This means that they should be caught and dealt with accordingly before your customers find them first. 

What you should do: When you get to spot the earliest warning signs of bed bugs in your rooms or areas, it’s vital to act right away by taking off all exposed sheets, clothes, and mattress covers and putting them in a plastic bag to kill all bugs and eggs. Once you’ve contained them, treat the exposed fabrics with a warm-to-hot temperature wash and call a bed bug removal service right away. 

3. Wasp nests 

Aside from being unsightly and fear-inducing, wasp nests are packed with all stinging insects that can ruin vegetation, cause more damage, scare potential customers away, and impede with work. In cases like these, it’s important to put your fears aside and prevent any problems from coming up!

What you should do: Similar to rats or mice, dealing with a wasp nest infestation entails checking out where these stinging insects are coming from (don’t try to poke or agitate the nest itself). After you spot the nest, carefully walk away and call your local wasps’ nest removal or pest control service to handle the situation efficiently. 


Although they may raise a few hairs at first, pest infestations are a problem that isn’t as big as you may expect as long as you take the necessary steps in dealing with them. With the help of this guide, you can save yourself lots of time, money, and prevent customer dissatisfaction by simply knowing what to do!

We’re a team of pest control experts in Birmingham with years of service handling all types of infestations for schools, hotels, restaurants, shops, factories, and offices. Call us today to learn more about how we can fight a pest problem in your commercial property! 

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