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Bee Gone – 2 Ways to Remove Honey Bees from Your Commercial Property in the UK

Bee Gone – 2 Ways to Remove Honey Bees from Your Commercial Property in the UK

While bees sometimes get a bad rep due to occasionally stinging people who aggravate them, they are nowhere near as aggressive as their hornet counterparts. In small amounts, bees can be easily ushered out of a property without much risk to the occupants of the property, but once they start to build nests, they can quickly become a nuisance. Removing honey bees from your property needs to be done quickly and efficiently in order to minimise risk to occupants and damage to walls or furniture, below are two of the best ways to do so.

Call in The Experts

Once there are several bees congregated and they have started building a nest, a DYI removal isn’t really recommended. Bees are very protective of their homes and are likely to attack you if you try to remove their nest without carrying out the due diligence. Due to this, it is vital that you get the help of a pest removal company such as Willis Pest Control who can carry out the removal using the correct equipment and chemicals. While the killing of honey bees is perfectly legal, it isn’t ethically correct to do so due to the positive impact they have on the environment and many high-quality pest control companies will look to remove bees in a humane way ahead of finding local bee keepers to whom they can be relocated.

Of all of the honey bee removal methods you are likely to see online, expert assistance is by far the safest and most effective. Even if its just for a basic consultation or survey of the nest, you should always look to communicate with an expert before attempting any sort of removal.

Natural Methods

While our experts at Willis Pest Control do thoroughly recommend that you do not tackle a removal alone, there are several things you can try ahead of a full removal process.

  • Bees aren’t particularly keen on vinegar and by using a vinegar spray you might be able to drive away small populations. Use the spray to cover surfaces around the nest, while this certainly isn’t guaranteed to work it may discourage bees from setting up a nest in the surrounding areas.
  • Due to their need to pollinate flowers, bees have a great sense of smell that they use to locate sweet-smelling plants. While you might not wish to remove all of the nice flowers in your garden, you should look to plant Mint, Neem, Citronella, Eucalyptus, and Cloves to discourage the bees from settling nearby.
  • Another natural substance that is surprisingly effective at removing bees is cinnamon, sprinkle some around a nest for upward of a week and you should hopefully see a decline in population.

Please note that while these methods might yield results, this is not guaranteed and in the face of larger populations any natural methods might only make them angry.

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