Bee Gone: 2 Ways to Remove Honey Bees From Your Commercial Property in the UK

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Bee Gone: 2 Ways to Remove Honey Bees From Your Commercial Property in the UK

Honey bees play a pivotal role as a pollinator in global food crops, but dealing with a pesky colony near your commercial area doesn’t feel as sweet. Honey bees often come in swarms and can invade any cavity from your space, putting your employees or the public at risk. 

Seeing the importance of honey bees to the environment, most people assume that it’s illegal to eradicate honey bees from your site. However, it is legal to kill honey bees in the UK, though the method of killing is usually the main concern. 

If Killing Honey Bees Is Legal, Why Can’t You Use Insecticides? 

While it’s true that honey bees are not protected by the law, using insecticides to eradicate the pest invasion in your property can have dire consequences. For one, pest control companies need to ensure all entry and exit points of the bees are secure. 

If a poisoned bee slips under the radar, it can fly back to other colonies, which can poison the rest of the hives across the area and possibly contaminate the food chain in the fresh produce you see in the market. 

Why Are Honey Bees A Problem? 

Honey bees are often regarded with affection across the world, but they can quickly become a nightmare for many if they start to form feral swarms. They like to settle in chimneys in residential areas, but they can strike fear among the public in commercial zones since the intimidating pests hang around trees, fence posts, and cars. 

Removing Honey Bees Using Cut-outs 

One of the go-to methods for removing honey bee colonies is known as the cut-out, which uses a vacuum to safely suck the hive into a “bee vac box”. There are different boxes designated for each colony, one for the young carer bees, which are reunited with the other bees in the bee vac box. 

The purpose is to maintain the temperature and ensure their survival. 

Removing Bees Using Trap-Outs

Known as the most common method to eradicate honey bees, this approach uses a trap-out to lure bees out of the void and collected in a nuc box over a period. It’s a time-consuming yet effective method that involves blocking all the entrance and exit points to force the bees to escape in one, designated exit. 

Luring the queen and bees can happen at a sluggish pace, often taking a month to complete. This can be a good choice for residential homes, but it’s not the best choice for removing bees quickly for commercial purposes. 

The Bottom Line: Finding The Best Way To Free Your Property Of Pesky Bees 

Honey bees seem virtually harmless, but they can be a major nuisance to your property if it’s left to spread into massive colonies. The small critters can quickly become a big problem, so it’s best to immediately call a pest control company to analyze the situation and get rid of them in the best possible way. 

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