COVID-19 and Pest Invasion in the UK: The Role of Pest Control

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COVID-19 and Pest Invasion in the UK: The Role of Pest Control

The UK government has said it. Pest management professionals are key workers of society. Parents can continue sending their children to school, and people can continue with their regular lives as long as every security measure is implemented, and that includes pest management as an essential community service. 

There is no official cure yet for the COVID-19 virus, but the situation seems to become more manageable now. Every decisions and movement should still be made with the utmost care, but life also needs to keep going. Anytime soon, restaurants and food outlets will all reopen. As mandated by the government, industries, particularly from the food provision sector, should have a pest management inspection conducted by a team of biologists. 

You can read more about the pest control procedure required for the food industry here.

The Current Condition and the Worse to Come

Besides keeping their place free of dirt, dust, and pests, all businesses related to food should know how to dispose of their food waste properly. Because of the suspension for recycling and collection of food waste during the lockdown, more people were not able to get rid of their raw wastes properly. This increase in wastes can lead to a rise in pest activities found not only in the food industry but also in households. Add to that the upcoming warmer temperature that can invite more pests in houses and commercial establishments. 

People need to stay alert and do the necessary precautionary measures ahead. 

Here are some likely happenings in the next few weeks:

Increase in the fly population

A warmer temperature plus the reduced household food waste collection can be a possible cause for the fly population increase. Flies are small yet dangerous insects. They are known for spreading at least 200 known parasites and pathogens to humans. They are often found flying around rotting food, manure, and decaying flesh. They can spread diseases by contaminating food and other surfaces. 

Increase in pest rodents

Rodents are always present when food is also present. Expect them to invade once more now that more food waste is not disposed of properly. 

Rats are known for carrying salmonella. Studied house mice in the UK are also known as carriers of Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite can affect pregnant women and their unborn babies. Humans are not the only victim of rodents. They can even infect the poultry flock with their salmonella through spoiling the crops and animal feed. 

Invasion of other species

Some more insects and animals are fond of unclean environments. Even birds caused two deaths at the Queen Elizabeth Unversity Hospital in 2018. Both died with Cryptococcus infection that is believed to come from feral pigeon’s excrement that entered the ventilation system. Mosquitos are also common insects that can cause serious threats to anyone. 


No one knows what other diseases the animals or insects will bring. As for safety precautions, you need to keep your place sanitary and pest-free at all times. Local pest control exists to help safeguard your residence and the community. Whether you are in the food industry, a homemaker, or any other industry, you must prioritise cleanliness and have regular pest control at your place. 

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