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How to Get Rid of a Mouse Problem

How to Get Rid of a Mouse Problem

Regardless of how inviting your home may be, there are certain types of guests you would rather not have to entertain. Mice aren’t the greatest tenants overall and as well as carrying their fair share of highly infectious diseases they tend to leave quite a mess around the place (as well as certainly not paying their share of the rent) Therefore, you will likely look to resolve a mouse problem as promptly as possible. At Willis Pest Control we are experts in resolving mouse infestations and offer a wide range of bespoke solutions in dealing with said issue. If you would like to have a crack at a DYI solution, below are some of our best tips for resolving a mouse problem.

Store Food Properly

Probably the simplest way to dissuade mice from making their stay within your property permanent is to remove their access to food. Mice primarily enjoy grains, nuts, and cereal and will use their sharp teeth to tear through even the thickest of packaging. Tamper-proof containers can go a long way when it comes to protecting food and getting into the habit of putting away any opened goods can sometimes be all it takes to drive the mouse population elsewhere. While this method is super simple and can end up working, this isn’t always the case and mice may find some other way to source food.

Mice Repellent Scents

To compensate for their poor eyesight, mice have a great sense of smell, a characteristic they commonly use to locate food and identify predators. While this is a great skill in the wilderness, the home has a great many scents both pleasant and not that can potentially make their stay rather unpleasant. Essential oils are a great way to drive out mice with them particularly hating the scent of peppermint, cloves, cayenne. For something even simpler, why not use apple cider, bleach, vinegar, or toothpaste, put a little of the scent onto a cotton ball and place them around entry points or around the perimeter of your property.

Cat and Cat Goods

Historically, before the era of essential oils and tamper-proof containers, property owners used cats to hunt mice. At least a part of their continued success as a species is due to how effective they were at this task. While many modern-day domestic cats haven’t felt the need to truly go and hunt, they still have that natural hunter instinct that allows them to triumph over even the densest of mouse populations. If getting a cat isn’t a viable option for your property there are alternatives that are also pretty effective. If you know someone that has a cat, humbly ask them to borrow some used cat litter which can be placed around the property. While this might not be as effective as actually getting a cat, many mice might leave purely by smelling the ‘cat goods’.

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