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Pest Control: 3 Tips in Dealing with Bird Infestations – Our Guide

Pest Control: 3 Tips in Dealing with Bird Infestations – Our Guide

Amongst all of the unwelcome pests that can take occupancy within your property, birds are some of the worst. Unlike bugs and rodents, birds are far larger in size and can carry some pretty unpleasant diseases. Bird infestations can be challenging to deal with since many of them are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 making their disposal a legal as well as practical difficulty. There are, however, several ways to deter infestations that can be implemented to mitigate the damage to your property, see those below.

Feeding and Drinking Opportunities

For pest birds, the average property can make for an incredibly comfortable home. Guttering can create a steady supply of drinking water and puddles accumulating around the garden offer areas for birds to drink. Since many pest birds are more than happy to eat rubbish, bin bags that aren’t properly stored can be ripped through and raided for remains. Some gardens also willingly offer bird feeders and while this may attract the occasional songbird, you’re likely going to see many more Sparrows, Starlings, Gulls, and Pigeons. To many pest birds, your property might as well be a 5-star hotel with all-you-can-eat dining. By eliminating all of the feeding and drinking opportunities around your property by correctly storing rubbish, regularly cleaning guttering, and ensuring bird feeders are filled with breed-specific food you suddenly make your property far less appealing in the face of bird infestations.

Nest Removal

While incredibly effective, comprehensively removing nests might be a challenge within many properties. Birds tend to create nests in places that can be easily accessed by flight meaning that they are regularly placed on high-up ledges or stretches of roof. Removing nests from multiple floor properties can quickly become dangerous and it is highly recommended that you consult a professional if you believe that there is a chance you may get hurt. If you do discover bird nests within or around your property it can signify that those specific areas are highly favourable for birds and you may therefore wish to cover these up to prevent future infestations.

Enlisting the Help of Professionals

While it can be done DYI, addressing bird infestations can quickly grow to be an arduous affair. Birds pose a completely different threat to other types of pests and need to be correctly identified in order to combat repeat visitations. Due to the strict laws around dealing with birds in particular, an expert is best qualified to offer guidance as to what can actually be done without encroaching on the legal limitations and they may even have a license to deal with specific types of infestations. At Willis Pest Control we are able to offer bespoke support with Bird infestations and can work to implement a solution that will resolve the issue while mitigating damage to your property.  

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