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Bee Nest Removal in Bromsgrove

The removal of bees’ nests can be a very hazardous process. Bees can often become extremely aggressive when they sense the presence of someone approaching their nests and young, making them more likely to attack you or other people nearby.

We advise that you don’t try to do this yourself and instead get in touch with our expert bee nest removal team in Bromsgrove to help on 01527 759 600.

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How Do You Remove a Bee Nest?

The first step in dealing with a bee nest on your property is to pinpoint its exact location. This can typically be done by observing where more bees are gathered and listening for a louder buzzing sound. It’s best to take action and remove the nest as soon as possible, ideally in early summer, to prevent the bee population from increasing.

If the nest is within a wall cavity or some other space which is harder to access it won’t be a problem as we have the equipment to destroy the nest at your Bromsgrove residence.

In turn, you will never have another bee nest established again in the same location.

How Much Does It Cost for Bee Nest Removal?

Typically, pesticides are used to treat bee nests in order to ensure that no bees survive once the nest is removed or destroyed.

After completing the necessary treatment to eliminate all bees, removing the dormant nest is typically unnecessary. The bees will not come back to a dormant nest. However, if removal is necessary, we can provide this service for an additional fee.

We offer a fixed price quotation based on your location and we can offer a 100% guarantee on our work.

What Our Customers Say
Phil Moor
Phones Gary with a problem wasp nest. He came from the job he was on over to Wollescote. He was bang on time. We had more sound advice than the council or any other agency could be bothered to give us. The job was dealt with swiftly and professionally. Would commend this man anytime to anyone. Thanks mate!
Thanks, Excellent service. Called Gary with a Wasp Nest problem. Colleague came out spot on the time I said someone would be in and Wasps were gone same day. Would highly recommend them.
I was very surprised to see a woman standing there when I opened the door. Totally admire Donna for doing this type of work. Donna was very professional and easy to speak to. She did the job very quickly, I have had no further problems so can now open the windows. Will definitely use again. Thanks.
Malcolm Johnson
Thank you for a good service. Your Technician Steve was very helpful and patient.
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Bee Nest Removal Services in Bromsgrove

At Willis Pest Control, we understand the concern a bee nest on your property can cause. Bees have the potential to harm your family, customers, and colleagues, as well as impact your home or business’s reputation and income. We are here to provide help and alleviate the worry.

As specialists in commercial pest control, we can offer Bromsgrove businesses reliable bee nest removal services. Our team is friendly and approachable, available 24/7 to deliver effective and guaranteed pest control solutions. Contact us for your commercial pest control needs in Bromsgrove.

If you are located in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas and need bee nest removal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or call us on 01527 759 600.

Bromsgrove Bee Nest Removal FAQ's

Willis Pest Control is based in the West Midlands so we are able to cover the whole of Bromsgrove.

In most instances, a single pest controller who is qualified and experienced is sufficient to carry out pest treatment. However, depending on the nature of the job, it may be necessary to have a team of two or more professionals.

You are able to call us over the phone for a free quotation or advice. Contact an expert today on 01527 759 600.

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