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From creating honey to pollinating our gardens, bees are an essential part of our ecosystem. As you might know, many bee species are endangered and the number of bees in the United Kingdom is thought to be declining.

While planting bee-friendly flowers in your garden is a good thing, having too many bees around your home or business can become problematic. If you think you have a bee infestation, it will be important to call the professionals. We ensure that our bee removal is safe, and we do our best to relocate the hive whenever possible.

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Why is bee pest control important?

While bees are typically unaggressive (especially when compared to their wasp cousins!), their stings can be dangerous to those allergic to them. In fact, bee stings can cause anaphylaxis, which could even be fatal. For this reason, bee nest removal is often essential for homes and businesses.

Some beehives can reach over 60,000 members, which is why ethical bee removal is sometimes recommended. Swarms can be intimidating and there is an increased risk of being stung if hives are located near or within properties.

Ethical and responsible bee pest control

At Willis Pest Control, we know how vital bees are to the environment. It is extremely rare that we exterminate bees and will only do so if relocating the hive is impossible.

Bee Removal Steps

If you’re concerned about a bees’ nest on your property, it will be important not to try and tackle the problem yourself. Not only could this be dangerous, but self-treating could end up damaging or destroying the beehive.

The best thing to do is to contact our friendly and approachable bee pest control team. We’re available 24/7 and will talk you through your situation to find the best course of action. It’s free to get a quote too.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll arrange a time to come and inspect the bee problem. When we’ve located the source, we’ll do our best to remove the bees safely and without damaging the hive. All our work is 100% guaranteed for two months too, so you can rest assured that your bee removal will be completely successful.

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Having too many bees on your property can be distressing, particularly if you, your family members or your colleagues have allergies. It’s also important for business owners to protect their customers, so a nearby bees’ nest could be a risk.

We pride ourselves in our fast and efficient bee pest control service. After you contact us, we’ll be there to remove the bees’ nest in no time. In the meantime, there are some ways to deal with a bee infestation to keep those on your property safe. These can include:

  • Keep a close eye on your property in the spring. Bees begin building their nests then and it’s often easier to relocate smaller hives.
  • Be extra careful on warm, sunny days. Bees tend to be more active in conditions like this, so be sure to keep a safe distance.

There are over 250 species of bees in the United Kingdom and you might see a few different types in your outdoor space. Worker bees are the ones you’ll see collecting pollen, although there are drones and a queen bee in colonies too.

Depending on the type of bee species, nests can be quite different. Some bees nest underground or in structures (like your chimney or cavity wall). Others may choose trees or bird boxes.

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