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Bee Information

Unlike many of the animals and insects for which we provide pest control solutions at Willis Pest Control, bees are a vital part of the ecosystem and need to be protected – especially due to the fact that many species are now endangered with the total number of bees in the United Kingdom declining.

Planting flowers in your garden is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also great for the environment; it can become an issue however, when this attracts too many bees around your property and a bee infestation starts to take place. At Willis Pest Control we ensure that bees nest removals are carried out quickly and safely with the hives being relocated where possible.

Why is bee pest control important?

Commonly known to be relatively unaggressive, bees only sting when provoked or when in the steadfast belief that their hive is in danger. Bee stings tend to be uncomfortable for most, but can also cause anaphylaxis (which could potentially be fatal) to those with allergies.

Larger beehives can number over 60,000 bees making their ethical removal a must. This is even more vital when the bee nest is placed in close proximity to a property or area encountering heavy foot traffic.

Ethical and responsible bee pest control

The importance of bees to the environment cannot be overstated and at Willis Pest Control we do everything in our power to safely relocate nests where possible. Its very rare that we are forced to exterminate bees and have only done so in instances where relocation is impossible and they serve a direct threat to the safety of humans.

Bee Removal Steps

Regardless of the size of the bee nest, you should never look to carry out a disposal DYI. By doing so without the correct equipment and know-how, you may risk your own health and could also end up damaging the beehive.

Our team of bee removal experts are available 24/7 and are more than happy to advise and help find the best course of action for resolving the issue in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

After having gotten in touch, we will look to arrange a property visitation as a part of which we come up with a plan for relocating the hive. All our work is 100% guaranteed for two months too, so you can rest assured that your bee removal will be completely successful.

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