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Squirrel Removal in Bromsgrove

Squirrels tend to be one of the most common pests found within domestic and commercial properties across Bromsgrove. They’re widely known to be an incredibly loud animal and tend to enjoy scurrying around in the early hours of the morning – not ideal when it’s taking place in your loft.

As well as simply being annoying, squirrels can also pose a major threat to the health and safety of those within a property. Just like many other types of rodents, squirrels tend to be incredibly keen when it comes to gnawing on various materials. One such material tends to be electrical wiring, something that can result in electrical fires if left untreated. Disease is also a big factor with many rodents carrying an assortment of harmful bacteria and illnesses harmful to humans and pets alike.

For squirrel removal Bromsgrove, get in touch with our team of experts to resolve the issue in a speedy and non-disruptive manner. Give us a call on 0121 588 5258.

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How Do You Remove Squirrels From Your Property?

While there is no such thing as a surefire way to remove pests from your property, some techniques are more effective than others. We frequently hear reports of property owners using store-bought deterrents and poisons to try and rid themselves of an infestation; this rarely delivers any sort of result and they frequently end up still needing the help of a pest control company. At Willis Pest Control, our squirrel removal Bromsgrove team makes use of industry-leading equipment to provide solutions far more likely to resolve the situation and clear any pest presence from your property.

We provide a range of treatments that permanently remove squirrels from your property.

How Much Does it Cost for Squirrel Removal?

Without conducting a survey of the situation, it can be challenging to gauge the price of a rodent removal solution. Our squirrel removal Bromsgrove team inspect the affected zones to gain insight into the severity of the infestation and an idea of how long this may take and the resources required. All of our fixed-price quotes include repeat visits (should they be needed) as well as our customary two-month guarantee on any treatments applied.

What Our Customers Say
Phil Moor
Phones Gary with a problem wasp nest. He came from the job he was on over to Wollescote. He was bang on time. We had more sound advice than the council or any other agency could be bothered to give us. The job was dealt with swiftly and professionally. Would commend this man anytime to anyone. Thanks mate!
Thanks, Excellent service. Called Gary with a Wasp Nest problem. Colleague came out spot on the time I said someone would be in and Wasps were gone same day. Would highly recommend them.
I was very surprised to see a woman standing there when I opened the door. Totally admire Donna for doing this type of work. Donna was very professional and easy to speak to. She did the job very quickly, I have had no further problems so can now open the windows. Will definitely use again. Thanks.
Malcolm Johnson
Thank you for a good service. Your Technician Steve was very helpful and patient.
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Squirrel Removal Services in Bromsgrove

The presence of squirrels within your property can be a major issue and one that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Pest control is key to many commercial properties with many businesses having shown evidence of a rodent presence taking massive hits to their reputations and – in several more extreme cases – even being forced to close on account of their preparing food in unsanitary conditions.

At Willis Pest Control, we fully understand the need for efficient and discrete rodent removal services and always look to enact our solutions in a manner that does not inconvenience the property owners or occupants.

Operating 24/7, around the clock, our squirrel removal Bromsgrove team is always more than happy to offer advice or guidance. Get in touch with us directly via our contact form or call us at 0121 588 5258.

Squirrel Removal FAQ's

Willis Pest Control is based in the West Midlands so we are able to cover the whole of Bromsgrove and surrounding areas.

It is often the case, that just one qualified and experienced pest controller is needed to complete a pest treatment. However, it may be the case that a team of 2+ will be required depending on your job requirements.

You are able to call us over the phone for a free quotation or advice. Contact an expert today on 0121 588 5258.

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