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Top Tips to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Insect-Free – Our Guide

Top Tips to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Insect-Free – Our Guide

Commercial kitchens are a huge draw for insects such as flies and wasps. Whether it’s a takeaway place or a full-on restaurant, insects are not welcome. Aside from the hustle and bustle in commercial kitchens, there are multiple aromas and ingredients and food items they are naturally drawn to. Of course, aside from their peskiness, they also pose a health hazard. They contaminate work surfaces and can even poison food, on top of transmitting diseases. One of the quickest ways a commercial kitchen can go out of business is not meeting food safety standards due to these pests. 

No matter what kind of flies are buzzing around, whether it’s the common housefly that brings diseases like salmonella or the fruit flies that are drawn to rotting fruit and vegetables, they’re all extremely unsanitary to have around. Local pest control is extremely important, especially when it involves the likes of wasps.

Follow these easy tips to keep your commercial kitchen fly-free:

  • Invest in electronic insect killers – These are usually meant for flies. Not only do they not emit any dangerous chemicals, but they also offer a completely hands-free approach for everyone involved. It takes all the guesswork out of finding where a wasp nest may be.
  • Clean, clean, clean! – This goes without saying. While it’s easy enough to leave banana peels for a while to fulfil an order for a dozen banana peels, for example, it’s best to get right back to those and throw them out. Don’t forget to wipe the surface they were on! The littlest things can draw flies in quick, especially phorid flies, which are attracted to any moist, decaying matter. 
  • Get screens for any doors and windows – There are various fly screens available, though installation can take much time and effort, especially with measurements. It’s a simple way to keep them from entering without restricting airflow in the kitchen. Your local pest control will likely be able to do this for you with no problems. It will also keep any intruding bees from harm until they can be caught and relocated.
  • Pour boiling water down the drain – This is hitting two birds with one stone. It will clear any previous leftover debris while essentially killing off any fly eggs that may have been laid in the drain. Drain and filter flies also feed there. Essentially, leaving your drain unattended could accidentally create an entire breeding ground for flies.

There are several other factors that come into play when flies in a commercial kitchen come about. Something as simple as stagnant water, such as pools of water left after mopping or even the bucket where the mop is placed, can already be a fly magnet. Flies usually see that as a place to lay their eggs.

Overall, aside from protecting your business, keeping flies out of your commercial kitchen has a main purpose: keeping yourself, your staff, and your customers safe and healthy. Ensure that your commercial kitchen is always spotless by hiring a professional team to keep it pest-free.

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