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Why it’s Important to Call Professional Bee Removal Services

Why it’s Important to Call Professional Bee Removal Services

Amongst all of the animal species currently active, bees are one of the most important when it comes to the enduring health of the planet. Pollinating crops and flowers as well as the production of honey is key when it comes to agricultural growth and the steady production of food. Regardless of how important they are to the planet; they can quickly become a major nuisance when they decide to occupy space within your property. When this does happen – professional bee removal services can help to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.


If co-habiting a home with a bee hive was safe, we’d all be doing it. There’s a reason why not many people keep bees as pets and its commonly due to the fact that getting stung isn’t exactly fun. While many of the bee species that can kill with a sting are solely present in parts of Africa and South America, multiple stings even from a regular honey bee can potentially lead to nausea, dizziness, difficulty breathing – or in extreme cases – severe allergic reactions. DYI-ing a bee hive removal without proper equipment is almost guaranteed to get you stung as even the most passive of bee species are very territorial when it comes to their nests. A professional bee removal solution provider such as Willis Pest Control makes use of the latest protective equipment to relocate hives without threatening the safety of the home’s occupants.

The Humane Solution

By far the most common alternative to bee removal services is bee killing spray, a chemical which – as the name implies – quickly and efficiently kills any bees that come into contact with it. While many of these chemicals are worryingly efficient at what they do, they don’t always get rid of all the bees and frequently leave behind a fraction of the population who aren’t completely happy that you’ve just murdered much of their extended family. Contrary to the shoot first ask questions later method that is killing spray, bee removal services look to relocate nests rather than destroy them allowing for continued reaping of the agricultural and environmental benefits.

Job Done Right

If bee removal services were easy, we’d all be qualified. Unfortunately, hives are commonly found tucked into the tightest of corners, the most awkward crevasses, and the most frustratingly inaccessible ceiling spaces. It is therefore no surprise whatsoever that an eclectic removal solution is sometimes impossible to DYI. At Willis Pest Control we frequently see people who have tried to carry out a removal themselves only to further anger a swarm or not comprehensively remove the nest itself. Online tutorials can only take you so far and relying on a professional bee removal service is considerably more likely to yield resolutions and help you deal with the problem properly.

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