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Mice Removal in Smethwick

When dealing with mouse removal in Smethwick, it is crucial to choose a reputable agency with full qualifications. This ensures a swift and effective resolution, preventing the potential harm a mouse infestation can cause to your property. Mice tend to carry harmful bacteria or diseases that can pose a major threat when passed onto humans or pets and should be avoided at all costs. Tending to be very protective of their territories and young, rodents can also become aggressive and attack when humans come close to their nests. We advise that if you believe your property may have a mouse infestation, you contact our specialist mice removal Smethwick team at 01902 471 606.

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How Do You Remove a Mouse or Mice Nests?

There are many intelligent rodent species that are adept at avoiding pest control solutions, making them difficult to dispose of properly. DIY pest control methods are seldom effective, and it usually requires the expertise of a qualified professional to remove them correctly. Due to the complexity associated with the process, it’s important to establish the exact location of the infestation by tracking the signs that are created by these rodents; common signs include:


  • The smell or evidence of dead animal carcasses.
  • Mice droppings or urine puddles in the area they infest the most (e.g., the kitchen or attic are common areas).
  • Gnaw marks on carpets, furniture, walls, and other areas.
  • Squeaking or smearing around walls is also a sign of a growing mouse infestation.


If you notice any of these indicators in your Smethwick property, it’s crucial to reach out to a pest control specialist promptly. Get in touch with us for guidance on resolving the issue and to receive a complimentary, no-obligation quote.

How Much Does it Cost for Mice Removal?

Our skilled Smethwick team excels at pinpointing infestation spots. If you have details or media on the location, please share with us. This collaboration will streamline our process.


As a part of our rodent removal services, our team will conduct a thorough investigation of your property in order to mark areas that will require treatment and identify the level of infestation.

What Our Customers Say
Phil Moor
Phones Gary with a problem wasp nest. He came from the job he was on over to Wollescote. He was bang on time. We had more sound advice than the council or any other agency could be bothered to give us. The job was dealt with swiftly and professionally. Would commend this man anytime to anyone. Thanks mate!
Thanks, Excellent service. Called Gary with a Wasp Nest problem. Colleague came out spot on the time I said someone would be in and Wasps were gone same day. Would highly recommend them.
I was very surprised to see a woman standing there when I opened the door. Totally admire Donna for doing this type of work. Donna was very professional and easy to speak to. She did the job very quickly, I have had no further problems so can now open the windows. Will definitely use again. Thanks.
Malcolm Johnson
Thank you for a good service. Your Technician Steve was very helpful and patient.
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Mouse Removal Services in Smethwick

Any type of pest on your property can seriously jeopardise your health and well-being. At Willis Pest Control, we grasp this concern wholeheartedly and strive to promptly execute pest control services to restore your property swiftly. Our services cater to both commercial and residential properties, operating round the clock to provide assistance precisely when required.


For mice removal in Smethwick and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts via our contact form or call us on 01902 471 606.

Mouse Removal FAQ's

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