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Mice Information

From snacking on your food to spreading nasty bacteria, a mice infestation can be a real worry for home and business owners. If you are concerned that mice have taken up residence in your property, it will be important to call a mice pest control expert to deal with the problem.

How To Tell If You Have A Mice Infestation

Mice are mostly active at night, which can make them tricky to spot. While you might hear rustlings and movement as they search for food, they are speedy and adaptable. It’s not always easy to catch a mouse in action as they move around your home!

If you think you might have a mice infestation, you’ll likely notice signs like:

  • Droppings and smear marks
  • Nests (in places like airing cupboards, lofts or underneath floorboards)
  • Gnaw marks
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Mice Removal Steps

Mice pest control is best left to the professionals. Dealing with mice nests on your own can be near enough impossible and may not get rid of the problem for good.

Our team of fully qualified mice pest control technicians are experts at dealing with infestations of any size. We pride ourselves in providing the best mice removal in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and throughout the West Midlands.

To begin the process, call our friendly and approachable team, who are here to help 24/7. We’ll talk you through the specifics of your mouse problem and let you know what happens next.

Once you’ve got your free quote, our trusted team will inspect your property and put together a mice pest control treatment plan. Don’t forget that our work is 100% guaranteed for two months, meaning we promise to remove the mice for good.

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Mice can cause structural damage and carry bacteria, meaning that it’s important to get rid of mice if you suspect an infestation. To get rid of mice for good, professional help is most efficient.

Droppings, gnaw marks, unusual smells and unexplained noises can all be signs of a mouse infestation. You may also see mice around your home, particularly during the night.

Professional help is best when looking for a way to get rid of mice naturally. We always use the most humane and safe methods when removing these pests from your property.

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