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An image of four ants crawling across a tree branch.
Why Are There Ants in My Bathroom? (How to Remove Them)
If you have ants in your bathroom, it can be a real nuisance! Not only that but they can also...
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An image of a bee hive with bees walking on it.
The Dangers of Removing a Bee Hive
Bees are a valuable part of the ecosystem, and their honey is enjoyed by many. However, when a bee hive...
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An image of wasp on top of a wasp nest.
The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wasp Nest Removal
Most homeowners are familiar with the dangers of wasp nests. These insects can sting humans and animals, and their nests...
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An image of a wasp peeking over its nest.
Frequently Asked Questions about Wasp Removal
Wasps can be a nuisance when they build their nests close to or inside homes. While some wasps are simply...
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An image of a brown rat
How to Deal with Rat Infestation at Home – Our Guide
Amongst all of the pests that you may find trying to gain access to your property rats are amongst the...
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An image of a cat scratching itslelf
When is the Right Time to Hire Professional Flea Removal Services?
While many types of fleas only focus on animals such as cats and dogs, there are multiple breeds that are...
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Pointers to Remember About Pest Control – Our Guide
As a homeowner, you naturally want to keep your abode in tiptop condition. To do this, you conduct regular house...
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4 Common Types of Bees in the UK: What to Know
There’s no denying that bees are a vital part of our ecosystem because they play essential roles, from pollinating the...
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Tips to Stop Rats From Nesting in Your Commercial Space – Our Guide
Did you know that the rodent infestation in the UK has surged up by 40 per cent during the coronavirus lockdown? Some...
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3 Points to Know About Ants in Your Home: Our Guide
When it comes to pest infestation in the house, an ant infestation isn’t the worst experience per se because they...
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Top Tips to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Insect-Free – Our Guide
Commercial kitchens are a huge draw for insects such as flies and wasps. Whether it’s a takeaway place or a...
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The Effects of Winter on Rodents: What You Need to Know
The UK experiences four kinds of seasons every year. When winter comes around, not only are the people affected by...
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