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How To Feed Birds Without Attracting Rats

How To Feed Birds Without Attracting Rats

Feeding birds is an incredibly rewarding experience that many people enjoy. However, an unintended consequence of feeding birds is that it can also attract rats. Having rats in your garden can be a nuisance and can cause damage to your property. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective ways to feed birds without attracting rats.

Use A Bird Feeder With A Tray

Bird feeders can invite a variety of wildlife to your garden, including unwanted pests such as rats. However, employing a bird feeder with a tray can significantly reduce the risk of attracting these rodents.

The tray functions as a physical barrier, catching any loose seeds that otherwise might fall on the ground. It’s these scattered seeds that often attract rats, as they provide an easy food source. Therefore, a feeder with a tray helps maintain a cleaner feeding area, making your garden less appealing to rats.

Avoid Using Ground Feeders

When it comes to feeding birds without attracting unwanted rodents such as rats, it is crucial to refrain from using ground feeders. Ground feeders, as the name suggests, dispense bird food at ground level, effectively turning your garden into an open invitation for rodents. Rats, being scavenger creatures, are particularly attracted to the easily accessible meals provided by ground feeders. This not only increases the risk of rat infestation in your garden, but it can also have a detrimental effect on the health of birds due to potential disease transmission.

Choose The Right Kind Of Birdseed

Certain types of birdseed attract rats more than others. For example, sunflower seeds are high in oil and fat and are a favourite of rats. Instead, opt for birdseed mixes that contain millet, cracked corn, and Nyjer seeds. These seeds are less appealing to rats but are still nutritious for birds. You should also avoid overfilling the bird feeder as this can lead to an excess of seeds on the ground which can attract rats.

Keep The Feeding Area Clean

To minimise the risk of attracting rats, it’s important to keep the feeding area clean. Any spilled seed should be removed promptly, and the bird feeder should be cleaned regularly. Make sure to use a rat-proof bird feeder or rat baffle to deter squirrels from raiding your bird feeder.

Use Natural Deterrents

There are natural ways to deter rats without using harmful chemicals. For example, planting mint, lavender, or rosemary around the feeding area may repel rats as they dislike the smell. Another option is to place dried chilli peppers around the area, as rats dislike the spicy smell. Lastly, you can also use ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sound waves to repel rats.

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