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Squirrel Information

Having great destructive potential when making their home within your property, squirrel pest control is a frequently used solutions when squirrel removal is required. Squirrels tend to be incredibly quick and athletic which makes their capture a considerable challenge when lacking specialist equipment or squirrel removal know-how; if you believe that a pest infestation has taken root somewhere within your property, get in touch with our team of experts to have them carry out the removal in a speedy and efficient manner.

How to tell if you have a squirrel infestation

Many people who get in touch needing squirrel pest control report that noise is a key indicator that an infestation is taking place. With their active hours being four to five hours before daybreak, you can expect to hear rustling or movement in the very early hours of the morning usually from loft spaces or wall cavities.

Other signs of squirrel infestations include:


  • Droppings in your loft space
  • Holes in your vents or wall insulation
  • Unexplained damage to your garden (like bark stripped from trees or damage to bird feeders)
  • An unusual number of squirrels in your garden or on your roof

Why is squirrel pest control important?

Similarly to rats and mice, squirrels also tend to carry bacteria and diseases – while not as efficient as spreading these as their other rodent counterparts, they can still contaminate water sources or groceries when allowed to freely nest nearby. They are also commonly known to contaminate cold water tanks with urine or droppings when these are located within the attic.

Damage to property foundations and electrical cables are also major worries when it comes to a rodent infestation. Sustained damage can cause serious damage to woodwork and increase the risk of fire. An established squirrel pest control company should be contacted promptly after any signs of damage are located.

Squirrel Removal Steps

To keep your home or business rodent-free, get in touch with our squirrel pest control experts.

The first step in carrying out squirrel removal within your property is contacting our friendly and approachable team for a free quote. You’ll speak with an experienced pest control technician, who will talk you through the next steps.

As a part of our squirrel pest control treatment, we carry out comprehensive inspections across your property to identify the best course of action and formulate a plan which will keep you rodent free well into the future. All our pest control treatments are 100% guaranteed for two months, giving you the reassurance that your squirrel problem is gone for good.

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