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Wasp Information

One of the most common pests you might encounter across Britain, wasps are commonly found buzzing around barbecues and making inroads on sweet drinks left unattended during the warmer summer months. While not much of a danger individually, wasps can quickly become an issue when they make their nest and start to rapidly multiple in an inconvenient location. At this point, you may wish to consider a wasp nest removal service from the experts at Willis Pest Control.

When left close to a populated area or one experiencing heavy foot traffic, a wasp nest can quickly become a major nuisance. When provoked, wasps are more than happy to sting anyone and everyone in close proximity – something that could potentially be lethal to those with an allergy.

The best way to resolve this is to get in contact with a wasp nest removal specialist to carry out a comprehensive wasp nest removal solution. By utilising the latest equipment and countless years of experience, our team at Willis Pest Control boast unyielding success when it comes to carrying out wasp nest removal.

How To Tell If You Have a Wasp Infestation

If you’re noticing large numbers of wasps around your property, this is likely a sign that they’ve taken up residence somewhere nearby and you may require a wasp nest removal service in order to remedy this.

If you’re not quite sure of whether your property may have a wasp infestation, why not get in touch with a member of our team? They can help to identify the source of the wasp infestation and provide a solution on quick and efficient wasp nest removal.

Ahead of a visit from our team at Willis Pest Control, you may be able to find the location of the nest; this can be done by following a worker wasp. Generally, these tend to be a yellow or a brown colour and should not be approached under any circumstances as they may register you as a danger and proceed to try and attack.

Wasps tend to build their nests in sheltered areas. Common locations can include:


  • In wall cavities
  • Under eaves
  • Beneath trees or bushes
  • In sheds

Why Should You Remove a Wasps’ Nest?

Generally, wasp nests are natural and pose no threat when in the wilderness or unpopulated areas. Where they do become a danger however, is in close proximity to homes and businesses where they are directly exposed to people. Wasps – unlike bees – are far more aggressive and will continue to sting repeatedly using toxins that can be harmful to children and the elderly, as well as those with allergies. In more extreme cases, this can cause anaphylaxis – a condition that can potentially be fatal.

If presented with a comfortable environment, a wasp nest can quickly multiply in size growing by increments of thousands over the course of several short months.


Can You Remove a Wasps’ Nest Yourself?

Due to the dangers posed by a swarm of wasps, you should always leave wasp nest removal to the experts. Only through use of protective gear and market-leading wasp nest removal equipment should a nest be approached directly.

At Willis Pest Control we’re experts at wasp nest removal, even in hard-to-reach areas, and will do everything possible to ensure that our wasps nest removal solution is carried out quickly and efficiently.

If you’re concerned about wasps on your property, it’s better to contact us for a free quote rather than attempt to resolve the situation yourself.

Wasp Removal Steps

We know how concerning it can be when wasps invade your space.

In properties home to children or older residents, a wasp nest can pose a major threat to their day-to-day lives while a nest local to a business can actively deter customers from visiting your premises while also posing as a health risk to employees.

Contacting The Wasp Removal Professionals

The first step in removing a wasps’ nest from your property is contacting our friendly and approachable team. We’ll talk you through your wasp problem and advise on what will happen next. We operate 24/7, meaning we’re here to help with your wasp pest control at any time of day or night. Don’t forget that getting a quote for your pest problem is completely free.

Inspecting Your Property

It’s key that our team of experts visit your property to best identify the source of the wasp infestation. Even though every property is unique, our team is well versed in the numerous locations within which a wasp colony can take residence.

Putting Together a Wasp Removal Treatment Plan

After the nest has been located, our team of wasp nest removal experts can start putting together a multiple-stage plan through which they carry out the safe disposal of the wasp nest while also ensuring that they are unable to return to your property.

Efficiency is key when it comes to wasp nest removal and at Willis Pest Control, we guarantee wasp removal for a period of two months to ensure that the problem is gone for good. We do this by making multiple visits to your property through which we identify and mitigate any separate opportunities wasps may have to return.

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