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2 Ways Birds Hurt Your Business and How to Get Rid of Them

2 Ways Birds Hurt Your Business and How to Get Rid of Them

Some of the most common pests in commercial properties include bugs and rodents. Insects, such as cockroaches and termites, are difficult to deal with, and the same can be said about rats and mice.

That being said, another type of pest that some people don’t find as revolting is birds. For example, pigeons can get inside a building, and most people won’t pay them any mind. Some might even feed these birds and encourage them to keep returning.

However, just like any other pest, birds can be a nuisance and even a health hazard. They get into places where they shouldn’t and can leave behind waste that contaminates surfaces. They can also damage your property in several ways, and we’ll go over the many problems they bring in the sections below.

1. Damages your building and equipment

Birds can damage your building in many ways. For instance, they can destroy your supplies, contaminate your property, get stuck inside machinery, and generally leave a mess of droppings and feathers in their wake. As a result, you end up having to spend money to clean up after the birds or replace whatever they destroy.

Birds disrupt your business processes and can directly damage your building, too. They can dislodge the tiles on your roof, break away insulation, and block drains with their nests. Even their droppings can slowly eat away at your walls and roof. In any case, these problems can cause a wide array of issues in your property. In the worst cases, they can compromise the structural integrity of your building, which can put the safety of you and your employees at risk.

2. Hurts your reputation

Birds can hurt your reputation, too. A severe bird infestation, for example, can cause you to fail health and sanitation checks that may force you to suspend operations or close down temporarily.

If you allow the birds to continue wreaking havoc in your business, the health and safety of your team will also be put at risk. For example, droppings can cause someone to slip and get injured. Birds are also known to carry certain diseases that can get your staff members sick and prevent them from completing their work. These problems, especially when compounded on top of one another, can make you fail inspections and ultimately damage your company’s image.


Birds can cause you to lose money in many different ways. You’ll have to deal with the problems they leave behind and find ways to keep them from coming back, both of which will take considerable money and time.

That being said, it is still vital that you put resources into getting rid of birds in your commercial property. You can find your own ways to deal with them, but the most effective course of action is to look for professional pest control services in your area.

That way, they can inspect your property and determine the severity of your pest problem. From there, you can work together to find the most practical solutions to eliminate the pest and prevent them from coming back.

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