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3 Tips Your Hotel Needs to Follow to Keep Rooms Pest-Free For Good

3 Tips Your Hotel Needs to Follow to Keep Rooms Pest-Free For Good

Pests may seem like a small problem, but it can pose a big threat to the reputation and success of hotels. A pest infestation can scare off your guests, compromise your credibility, and spread quickly. 

The worst thing of all is that part of the spread includes poor reviews and word-of-mouth from terrorized guests, which is why integrating a smart pest control management should be a crucial part of your strategy. 

With that in mind, the tips below should help you squash any pesky critters and ensure your guests can sleep soundly without any trouble lurking in the shadows. 

Tip #1: Train Your Staff to Better Monitor Your Hotel For Signs of Infestations 

The best way to prevent uninvited pests from nesting in your hotel is firstly to identify signs of their presence. Training your staff to understand different forms of pests, especially since some are protected under wildlife laws. 

Some notoriously common pests in hotels include bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, ants, and even birds. Some are more likely to happen; others like bird problems may be a rare sighting. Nonetheless, knowing how to spot different tell-tale signs of an infestation should help you stay proactive in implementing preventive measures every day. 

Brownish spots on the bedding, for instance, are some of the signs of bed bugs. Other probable signs include the unexplained appearance of dirt or grime on the floor, walls, or food, bite marks on food, and small tears in sheets. 

Tip #2: Secure the Perimeter Thoroughly 

Seeing as hotels experience heavy traffic daily, there are plenty of ways for pests to slip through the cracks, gaps, tiny openings, damaged structures, and even though your guests. That’s why securing every possible avenue for pest infiltration should minimize your risks of dealing with the pesky critters exponentially.

Look closer at vulnerable areas like the boiler room or basement since wet spots are a breeding ground for pests. Even adding a strong, direct fan in the lobby facing the front doors should help blow away most of the pests that are clinging on to your guests from the outside world. 

Tip #3: Ensure Everything is Clean and Organized – from Food Services, Housekeeping, to Garbage Disposal

Your staff plays a pivotal role in preventing or promoting pests infestations in your hotel. In addition to latching themselves onto guests, some of the common reasons pests invade your premises include three reasons: food, water, and shelter. 

Failing to sweep crumbs, wipe counters, or clean dishes thoroughly is enough to invite creepy crawlies. When it comes to laundry, it’s easy to focus on keeping the sheets spick-and-span for your guests. However, the laundry room itself can invite trouble as any form of leaks can increase the moisture in the environment and turn it into an optimal place for pests. 

The Bottom Line 

No matter how tiny, pests can take a massive tow on hotels as it can ruin reputations and even costlier consequences. Integrating proper pest control management strategies is critical to ensure your staff can respond to signs of infestations promptly and adequately. 

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