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How to Deal with Rat Infestation at Home – Our Guide

How to Deal with Rat Infestation at Home – Our Guide

Amongst all of the pests that you may find trying to gain access to your property rats are amongst the most unpleasant. Similar to their mouse counterparts, rats can also come with an assortment of harmful diseases and should be kept away from food and the vulnerable members of your property at all costs. Rats can be differentiated from mice due to their larger bodies and shorter, thicker tails. There are numerous ways to deal with rat infestations within a property and whilst none other than hiring a pest control company such as Willis Pest Control guarantees sure-fire success, there are several things you can implement to try and resolve the issue.

Food Access

While implementing this solution is frequently effective, it can be challenging to properly implement it. Rats aren’t picky when it comes to food and will eat pretty much anything available to them sometimes even going as far as killing small animals to meet demand. Most commonly, a rat infestation is caused by improper management of rubbish where leftovers can be easily accessed by wild animals. Correctly storing rubbish, not leaving food out, and promptly cleaning spillages or dropped leftovers can help to limit a rat’s access to food. Water can also be a factor but due to being able to go for a month or more without water, trying to limit their access to water isn’t really feasible.


The efficiency of trapping will very much depend on the quality and frequency of the traps themselves. Harsh poisons are all but outlawed and any type of rodenticides should be avoided around a domestic property especially around children and pets. Unless you have prior experience in animal trapping, it is highly recommended that you get a pest control company to place these traps in order to avoid accidentally injuring yourself or those around you.


When it comes to dealing with rats, other animals are your best friends. Cats have played a significant part in the extermination of at least 63 species worldwide and have a natural predisposition for rat hunting. The same can be said of many predator birds such as owls which can consume upward of 10 rats a night. Implementing a bird feed or birdbath in the garden can attract birds and incentivise rats to move elsewhere.

Call in the Experts

At Willis Pest Control we have years of experience in providing rat infestation solutions and can offer you one of our numerous pest resolution services. We always look to recommend solutions around your unique property and after thoroughly having assessed the severity of the infestation. Having an expert carry out the process for you is infinitely more efficient than dealing with the issue yourself and unless the infestation is in its infancy you should always look to garner the help of an expert

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