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Keeping Birds Away: 5 Spots at Your Property to Look Out For

Keeping Birds Away: 5 Spots at Your Property to Look Out For

Birds are fascinating creatures that can help you relax as you listen to their songs and appreciate the beauty of nature. But sometimes when they choose to stay within the vicinity of your place of business or home – they can be a nuisance to you, your employees, customers, or loved ones. 

When birds decide to build their nests or reuse your property multiple times, you have to seek the expertise of your local pest control company right away. To help you prevent issues that could result from birds choosing to make your facility their home, here are some common areas that you should be checking on a regular basis:


Birds are attracted to spots in your property that offer protection and easy access to food. Pigeons and house sparrows, which are the most common bird species considered as pests, have a diet that includes grains, tree and plant buds, fruits, seeds, and flowers. They also use grass, feathers, straw, sticks, stems, leaves, and other debris to build their nests.

The ledges and lines of your roof and even rooftop equipment are common roosting places for birds since they give them the best view when searching for food and seeking shelter from predators. When left unaddressed, bird droppings and nesting materials can cause clog drains and vents that can result in roof damage over time. Call experienced pest control professionals as soon as you notice the presence of birds in your roof.


Signages in your commercial establishment are vital to make your business easily recognizable. Since they are commonly used by birds for roosting and nesting, make sure they are well-maintained. Otherwise, the presence of birds can turn away potential customers due to an unsightly appearance of their droppings and nesting materials. Reach out to experts immediately to have the birds removed from your facility safely.

Parking lots

Parking lots in your property provide your employees and visitors with convenient access to your establishment. It’s important to keep it as clean and as safe as possible, which means it should be free from creatures, such as birds. 

If you happen to see birds flying in your parking lot, this could mean that they are roosting within the area. Address this issue right away to keep people using your property out of harm’s way.


When other food sources are scarce, birds are more likely to feed on garbage. To keep them away from your facility, discourage their attraction, and reduce access to your trash, make sure your dumpsters and outdoor garbage cans are cleaned and emptied regularly. 

Open doors

When left ajar or open, doors can become the easiest point of access of birds to the inside of your building. This could disrupt your day-to-day operations or turn customers away. Give your target audience a hassle-free customer service by keeping your place of business bird-free.


Bird-proofing your building or home is essential for the safety and convenience of everyone who has access to your property. Hire a company that specializes in bird control to prevent or remove birds in your area and manage bird pressures at your facility immediately.

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