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Mice Are Not Nice: Telltale Signs That You Have a Mouse Infestation

Mice Are Not Nice: Telltale Signs That You Have a Mouse Infestation

Mice are a problem when it comes to establishments because of their destructive nature and their rate of multiplying. Not only do they destroy your property and cause issues, but they are extremely unsanitary and often bring diseases. When a sanitary inspector catches hold of pest infestations in your business’ property, this often means bad news for you, especially for those in the food and hotel industry. 

In order to avoid any mishaps with sanitary investigations, do your best as a business owner to manage the cleanliness and maintenance of your property to provide the best services possible. Some of these include training employees to study early warning signs and take measures to prevent infestations. 

When it comes to mice, there are some signs that they give off when they are present. Here are a few:

The Presence Of Mice Droppings

These are often easy to spot, as they look like rice grains, but are black in colour. You will often find these in corners of rooms, or dark and hidden spots in your establishment. Sometimes, you may find them in drawers or cabinets. When these appear, a mouse is surely somewhere around your property, which makes it time for you to check for any mice living within your walls.

Gnawing And Bite Marks

Rodents are known to have strong teeth that can gnaw on wooden furniture and even food items and packaging in rooms and pantries. Inspect the frames of beds, bedside tables, chair legs and other wooden items for bite marks, as these normally indicate the presence of mice. If your property is particularly old, be especially thorough during your inspection. Mice love to make homes in places like these because of the abundance of old items that they can chew on and build their nests out of. 

Foul Odours Are Recurring

Mice are filthy, as they go running around different dirty areas and even go trash diving. They don’t exactly bathe, so the stench from garbage and sewage they get from their activities often reeks. You will know if you start smelling odd scents in your establishments, as well as marks on the walls that come from their fur rubbing off them. The smells can range from mild garbage scents to the unpleasant odour of a dead animal. There are also chances that mice can die while inside your walls, which emits the smell of a rotting carcass and is very, very unpleasant. 

You’ll Hear Sounds Coming From The Walls And Ceilings

In some cases, guests may hear running and bumping noises within the walls of their hotel room. When you hear scampering sounds from areas that don’t sound like it comes from people, chances are that mice are present. These pests often like to make their homes in the walls or ceilings of places because they are hard to reach and are the perfect breeding ground. Chances are, their movements can be heard late at night to early morning when these nocturnal creatures are fully active. 

Damaged Items For Mice Nests

Mice will normally make nests for their babies as they reproduce further, so be on the lookout for damaged fabrics, insulation, missing fibres from furniture and more. These are used to build a nest with insulation to raise their newborns, which is something you will want to stop as soon as possible.


Knowing if you have a mouse infestation is normally the easiest to tell because of all the signs they leave behind when they are present. The best way to deal with mice infestations, or any kind of pest, is to take preventive measures. This can be done by regularly scheduling pest control inspections from your local professional, and have your establishment cleaned regularly and administering cleanliness guidelines. Don’t let pests get out of hand and always remember that preventing pests is better than dealing with them fully down the line. 

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