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Squirrel Infestations: How to Deal With Them—What to Know

Squirrel Infestations: How to Deal With Them—What to Know

The presence of squirrels near any commercial or residential building is generally not a good thing. Squirrels love hiding out in loft spaces where they tear up insulation for bedding. Sometimes, they can also pose fire hazards by stripping the cable insulation, exposing the live wire, and risking a short circuit to your system.

If that’s not troublesome enough, squirrels can even drown in exposed water storage tanks, contaminating your water supply for months until they are discovered! Due to their aggressive nature when cornered, it’s advisable to call local pest control and let them deal with the infestation properly.

What are the signs of a squirrel infestation?

Squirrel presence in your home or commercial establishment is very difficult to miss. For one, squirrels are very noisy as they are continually scratching and gnawing at hard surfaces. You will also see gnawing or nesting evidence, such as interior damage on shingles, doors, and other wood surfaces on your home. Like other rodents, they do this to keep their teeth in check. 

Other signs of squirrel infestation include evidence of small droppings, the smell and stain of urine, and the increased number of squirrel sightings in your garden. 

Can I do anything to prevent squirrel infestations in the first place?

Like humans, squirrels move in places with relative warmth, abundant food supply, and a roof above their heads to protect them from the elements. To prevent squirrels from moving in your property, you should first remove any accessible feeding opportunities. 

Most people assume that squirrels only eat nuts. In truth, squirrels are omnivores that will eat just about anything, but they prefer fruits and vegetables. As such, to avoid attracting squirrels, store your food in airtight containers!

In the wild, squirrels love to inhabit the small and dark spaces of hollow tree knotholes. This behaviour reflects in their choice of habitat in your building, such as your loft, cupboards, and drawers. If you’re confident that you don’t have a squirrel infestation yet, you can block up every hole you can find so that they can’t start nesting!

This is easier said than done, as squirrels will find even the smallest holes and gradually make it bigger by gnawing at it. If you already have squirrels living with you, do not try to block their entryways because they will only look for other openings and create more holes to pass through. Instead, call local pest control and inform them of your situation. 

How do local pest control teams treat squirrel infestation?

The most common way to control squirrel infestation is through traps and carefully targeted poisoning. These methods are specifically designed to dispatch of squirrels as humanely as possible, given that causing undue distress on animals is unlawful. 

Unfortunately, releasing these animals, particularly the Grey Squirrel, is not allowed without a license in the United Kingdom. This is because Grey Squirrels are classified as invasive alien species and are known to damage local wildlife and the environment. 

Therefore, the best way to deal with a squirrel infestation is to let local pest control dispatch them as painlessly as possible. Local pest control companies will systematically eliminate the squirrels in your building and take proactive steps to ensure that your property ceases to be an attractive squirrel settlement. These steps are necessary because once your home is vacated, another group of squirrels can immediately come in almost immediately!


While they may look adorable, squirrels can cause damage to your home and commercial establishment. Squirrels also carry diseases that may harm you and your family members if your food and water supply get contaminated by their droppings and urine. As such, your best option is to call in the experts to find ways to remove them from your premises.

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