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The Effects of Winter on Rodents: What You Need to Know

The Effects of Winter on Rodents: What You Need to Know

The UK experiences four kinds of seasons every year. When winter comes around, not only are the people affected by the cold but so are the pests. It can cause these pesky creatures inhabiting the streets and other areas to look for refuge in homes and other establishments.   

With the temperature slowly decreasing to indicate the arrival of the colder months, it’s only a matter of time before pests start to invade schools, restaurants, and homes. They can end up disrupting the peace and cleanliness of public places and private properties.

The most typical winter pests found in the UK are rodents, such as mice, rats, and squirrels. Calling for local pest control is a viable solution to eradicate your problems before they get too much to handle. If you want to know how snow affects these pests, keep reading below.

How Rats And Mice Are Affected By Winter

During winter, the chances of witnessing an infestation of rats and mice in commercial and residential properties can significantly increase. Just like humans, these pests can be affected by the extreme change in temperature too.

Besides that, rats and mice are attracted to places that can provide food and shelter to shield them away from the freezing weather. They will be forced to look for a place to stay and eventually learn to breed where they can find adequate food supply to sustain them.

Some common areas where you can find rats and mice are in kitchens, gardens, and dumpsters. Since the harsh weather can postpone garbage collections, it will also have an impact on pest control! The buildup of rubbish can attract rats and mice and provide them with access to food.

How Squirrels Are Affected By Winter

Another kind of rodent that can cause trouble to people during the cold season are squirrels. A male squirrel is known for creating nesting areas, also called dreys, in trees. Once the temperature changes, they can look for someplace elsewhere to build their dreys.

If you have lofts or attics you only use for storage, expect to find squirrels invading them in winter. As a result, they can end up destroying your insulation and causing damage to your property’s structure. Your electrical wiring may also be affected since squirrels tend to chew anything they see.

It’s also possible for squirrels to come across your water storage tanks and if they aren’t careful, they could drown in them and poison your water supply. In turn, your health will be terribly affected! 

The best thing to do during a squirrel infestation is to call for pest control services near you to handle the situation right away.  

How To Prevent Pest Invasion During Winter

If you want to avoid having an encounter with pests, as much as possible, it will help if you kept any food sources stored shut in a safe place, including pet food and bird feed. Your trash bins should also be sealed at all times to avoid attracting all kinds of rodents.

Since pests always try to look for places where they can breed, maintaining a clean space can decrease the chances of becoming nesting grounds for unwanted creatures. Covering any noticeable holes should also be done to avoid potential hideouts for pests.


Pests can be tough to manage, especially during the cold seasons. The least you can do is take the preventive measures listed above to ensure rats, mice, squirrels, and other pests can keep off your property. Calling for professional pest control solutions is also recommended so that you won’t have a hard time dealing with problems on your own.

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