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The Signs of Rodent Infestations and How to Address Them

The Signs of Rodent Infestations and How to Address Them

One problem that is becoming more widespread these days is that of pest infestations. Rats and mice, for example, are invading a growing number of people’s homes, and some say that this might be due to lockdown protocols. Whatever the case, these pests can pose a variety of concerns, as they can carry disease and damage property.

If you suspect that you have rats or mice in your property, it’s important that you act quickly to eliminate the problem. However, it also pays to know the signs of their presence to be sure that you’re dealing with the infestation appropriately.

Here’s a list of signs to look out for to help you make the right call:

The signs of infestation

There are plenty of signs you can keep an eye out for, whether in your home, workplace, or any other type of property.

The first and most obvious sign is that there are droppings. For mice, those droppings will look like grains of rice. Rat dropping will appear similar, although slightly larger. Note that these droppings will stay around for a long time, so a reliable way to test whether they are fresh or old is to pick them up with a glove. If they crumble, they are old and possibly from a previous infestation that has already been addressed. If they are soft and squishy, then the problem is likely ongoing.

Other signs include chewed up materials like shredded food boxes and cardboard, the sound of scurrying in the walls,, and the smell of ammonia caused by their urine.

If you discover any of these signs, it is likely that a rodent infestation is going on, and you must address it immediately.

Addressing the infestation

The actions you will take to address rats and mice will generally be the same for both. Note that when you do discover any of the signs, limit yourself to a maximum of one week for DIY solutions.

The first thing you should do is look for exposed food sources and have them cleaned up and put away immediately. Exposing them in places, like cupboards, will allow the pests to get to them quickly, eat away at your precious food, and leave harmful pathogens behind.

The second thing you should do is to look for their access points. This can include holes in your cupboards, behind appliances, and so on. Once you find any, you can block it up using a few things like steel wool and caulk. For rats, they love to travel through drainage and sewage pipes. Since you cannot block these, you will need to call in pest control to address those possible entry holes.

Speaking of pest control, if you cannot control and eliminate infestation within a week, hire expert help. That way, you will limit the damage you will have to pay for later and ensure the mice and rats do not produce more offspring and become more difficult problems to deal with.


If you spot any of the signs that can indicate a rodent infestation, it’s important to act immediately. Waiting too long will only put you and your property at greater risk. Also, if you do not think you can tackle the issue all by yourself, do not hesitate to phone pest control experts. They will drop by and quickly address the problem for you. Not only that, but they will give you helpful advice to ensure your home stays pest-free for as long as possible.

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