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When is the Right Time to Hire Professional Flea Removal Services?

When is the Right Time to Hire Professional Flea Removal Services?

While many types of fleas only focus on animals such as cats and dogs, there are multiple breeds that are more than happy to bite humans when they get the opportunity. With a love for warm environments such as carpets, clothes, and soft furnishings, you certainly can’t fault their taste even if you’d rather they weren’t present at all. Noticing that fleas are present within your property and pinpointing the locations in which they are living and laying eggs is half of the battle due to their minuscule size. Read on for information about fleas as well as the right time to call a professional flea removal service.

How Fleas Spread

Much in the same way as other pests, fleas are always looking to find a home for themselves. Unlike many other pests, fleas are more than happy to reside on a host and can be commonly found clinging to hair or fabric. The way in which they spread is through attachment to their host which they access through giant leaps. At this point, the flea might make itself completely at home and endeavours to stay attached to its host as long as it physically can, or it may look to distance itself and move onto a different host or location where it will begin to lay eggs.

A regular flea has a lifespan of around 2 years during which time it can lay around 1500 eggs. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to keep even a single flea around as it could very quickly produce an entire family tree, bonded in their affection toward sucking the blood out of you and your pets.

When Should You Call an Expert?

Due to the ridiculously speedy way in which they spread once they have their first taste of blood, getting in touch with an expert as quickly as possible is vital. Given the opportunity, fleas may spread faster that you can deal with them and require the undertaking of a far more extreme solution – such as setting fire to your carpets. Of course, this is only a joke but the general idea is that fleas should be dealt with as quickly as possible in order to limit their breeding potential.

Dealing with fleas once you’re aware they are within your property isn’t actually that challenging. They are pretty susceptible to temperatures and anything over around 35 degrees or under 8 degrees causes them severe discomfort and can kill over time. Due to this, washing clothing at high temperatures is incredibly effective at destroying both adult fleas and eggs. If you find that your fleas have spread to multiple parts of your home you should look to contact experts as soon as possible in order to remedy the issue.

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