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Which Pests are Most Common in Autumn?

Which Pests are Most Common in Autumn?

We all know that certain pests are more common during certain times in the year. Here we will discuss three of the most common pests during the autumn months, which are fleas, squirrels and spiders. The best way to deal with these pests is to know which ones to look out for. In this post we will discuss these three different pests and why they are so common during autumn.


Fleas are common anytime in the year; however, autumn is one of the more peak months for flea infestations. This is because there is a lack of attention from pet owners, making fleas more likely to build up on your pet’s fur. Fleas also enjoy colder temperatures and thrive when it is cooler, making them become more of a problem at this time of year. During colder times in the year fleas are able to complete the natural life cycle in just a few weeks with them typically laying 30 to 50 eggs in one day. Eventually you can end up with millions of these pests. Since there are more leaves in the autumn time fleas are more likely to hide in the leaves and easily jump onto pets. Fleas can also easily hide in your carpet and jump on your pets this way as well.

2. Squirrels

During autumn squirrels start to look for hiding places to nest and to hibernate. During these months squirrels are less likely to be in your garden and the likelihood of them nesting in your loft increases. During the autumn months squirrels start to look for food in time for the winter months, this is why you see squirrels mostly in the autumn time. Grey squirrels specifically like to enter lofts where then can easily cause expensive damage, especially if they start chewing through electrical wires which can cause a fire risk. It’s always good to check weekly if any squirrels are hiding in your loft during the autumn months just in case, and if they do appear at any time, we are just a phone call away.

3. Spiders

In the autumn months spiders are more common than other times in the year. This is because they are looking for warmth and light, the only thing to do is to seal every gap and keep your windows shut. Spiders don’t normally pose any sort of threat, but they are a common fear. During the autumn months the spider mating season starts, this typically starts in early September and ends in the middle of October. The good thing about spiders is that they eat other insects such as ants, flies, mosquitos and beetles. Spiders are also able to control pests eating crops by eating their eggs.

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