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Why Retailers & Restaurants Need Extra Pest Protection

Why Retailers & Restaurants Need Extra Pest Protection

The presence of pests in food stores and restaurants can be dangerous for business. It poses a health risk to your staff and customers if food items and other materials are contaminated with diseases, such as E.coli, salmonella, and even leptospirosis. If you’re running a business that stores and serves food, you need to make sure that your property is free from these dangerous outsiders.

“How do I know if I have pests in my property?”

Different pests can be attracted to your property depending on a variety of reasons. However, the main reason they’re invading is that your food storage areas may be easy to penetrate. They like to be around food that’s exposed and easy to access while also near convenient hiding and nesting spots. If you find traces of fur, droppings, urine together with broken or gnawed tools and food items, then you may be dealing with pests in your property.

“What type of pests should I watch out for?”

Different types of insects and rodents can occupy your building if you don’t employ effective safety features. Here are several common pests that you should watch out for:

  • Ants: Although ants are more annoying than they are dangerous, they can still chip away and unpack your food products, exposing them to the elements. They can infest food areas, such as shelves, cupboards, and even storage rooms through your building’s brick walls and floorboards. Fortunately, ants are easier to track and trail since they mostly travel in groups. Nevertheless, it’s ill-advised to merely get rid of the visible ants as a more severe infestation can still be hiding in different parts of your property.
  • Cockroaches: They will eat anything from freshly-made meals to discarded leftovers. They’re mostly active at night since they’re sensitive to light. This means that their hiding spots are mostly in dark and secluded areas, such as wall spaces or sewers. These pests are tricky to deal with and can multiply rapidly.
  • Rats and mice: Besides spreading diseases to your food, you’ll also be at risk of experiencing structural damage to your property. Similar to roaches, rats can eat anything and hide in the corners of your building.
  • Moths, weevils, mites: If you are storing lots of food products, you should watch out for these insects. These insects can burrow in holes through your walls and floors and contaminate large quantities of produce without being detected. Webbing on your window sills and ceiling beams are often signs that you should watch out for.

“What should I do if I have pests in my area?”

Your first response should be to identify the signs of the type of pest that you have in your property. If you’re unsure of what pest is lurking in your building’s walls, you can document traces of evidence, such as gnawed food or tracks, by taking pictures of it and sending it to your local pest control service. Doing this will help them identify what type of animal is terrorising your business. Then, set a date for when you can close up shop so that the pest removal contractors can properly find and eliminate or relocate the pests in your area.


Once you see the signs of a pest infestation, it’s highly recommended that you contact a pest removal service as soon as possible. It’s also a viable step to reinforce your property’s defences against infestations by fortifying your entrances and exits, such as doors and ventilation systems.

An effective solution to prevent the presence of pests in your business’s property is by ensuring that you have routine check-ups and pest control assessments. By making these appointments with a local pest control company and maintaining good hygiene and cleaning practices, you’ll be able to avoid having pests in your area for good.

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